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In the heart of the Snohomish Valley in Washington State, Anselmo Farms began in 1998. We started as a family business growing and selling a variety of organically grown produce. We are certified organic by Washington State (WSDA) and the National Organic Program (NOP). Mapquest link

The Farm

During the last 11 years, we have grown a large variety of vegetables, garlic being but one of them. However, our garlic production has never met our consumer demands in spite of our efforts to increase production each year. This year, while still growing some vegetable varieties, our primary focus has become garlic production. With more than 60 varieties of garlic, we expect a harvest in excess of 5 tons. Many of these varieties will be offered for sale this year, while others will need another year of cultivation to reach production levels.

We believe that hardneck garlics, while having superb taste, are the most user friendly in the kitchen. They consist of fewer, thus larger, cloves per bulb. They tend to peel easier, and the overall uniformity of the bulbs work best for "baked" garlic. All of our garlic is of gourmet quality, and are considered to be large or better in size.

Besides being gourmet quality, all of our garlic is an excellent choice as planting stock. Remember, small cloves from small bulbs will yield only small bulbs with small cloves. Large garlic bulbs come from planting large cloves from large bulbs. We only ship bulbs of at least 1 5/8 inch (large) to 3 inch (colossal) sizes to our customers.

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from the farm

Carrots available most of the year

Many varieties of potatoes

Great Walla Walla sweets

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