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These white skinned large bulbs contain only 4 to 6 very large cloves. Their stong, hot, outstanding flavor will challenge that of any hardneck variety. There are many named varieties. Porcelains are our own personal favorites.

Zippy strong flavor, with average heat. This one is a winner. Only 4 to 6 large cloves of excellent quality. As the name suggests, this one is of Russian descent.

4 to 6 nice sized cloves. A fire in the mouth when eaten raw, but with great flavor that becomes pleasant in the end. When baked, this garlic is creamy, sweet and smooth. From the Republic of Georgia.

With only 4 to 6 cloves, this one is in the medium + heat range. With a fresh, clean, true garlic flavor, Music is highly prized by those in the know. Of unknown origin.

Hot, strong, spicy, pungent, robust and flavorful. All the bells and whistles apply to these large 4 to 7 cloved bulbs. You can't go wrong with this one! Originates from Romania.

Another beautiful large bulbed, large cloved variety. 4 to 6 cloves possessing all the great characteristics of the porcelains, taking a back seat to none. Origin is unknown.

Full bodied, strong flavored garlic. Fairly hot, but sweet and mild when baked. Large bulbs with few cloves. Place of origin unknown.

Our personal favorite! This taste tester's favorite grows huge bulbs with huge cloves. Raw, it has above average heat with strong, full garlic flavor that is tantalizing and does not linger. Originates from the Republic of Georgia.

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