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It is generally accepted that there are two main or "basic" varieties of garlic. These are most commonly referred to as "hardneck" and "softneck" varieties. Hardneck types produce a hard central flower stalk which supports a pod containing tiny garlic cloves. Soft neck types generally do not produce a flower stalk or flower pods. There are several "sub-species" of each main garlic variety.

Some "sub-species" of hardnecks are known as Rocamboles, Porcelains, and Purple Stripes. Softneck types are known as Silverskins and Artichokes. There are some "sub-species" that may behave as hardnecks, or as soft necks depending on the climate in which they are grown. These are known as Turbans, Asiatics and Creoles.

Hardneck varieties produce fewer, thus larger cloves. They generally peel much easier, making them a boon in the kitchen. They are widely accepted by chefs and gourmet cooks to be the finest tasting of the garlics. For this reason, we at Anselmo Farms choose only to grow hardneck varieties, and those that behave in a hardneck manner.

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